Supporting Authentic P20 Partnerships

With a focus on Ohio’s system of preparation and ongoing personnel development, the Ohio Deans Compact serves as a forum for bridging theory to practice, fostering meaningful P20 partnership efforts, and identifying and responding to critical issues, such as personnel shortages that limit opportunities to learn for groups of Ohio students.

The Compact – an organization of representatives from the PK12 and educator-preparation communities – provides a channel for communication and examination of ideas among deans, associate/assistant deans; faculty; district and school leaders professional association representatives; national partners; state leaders; and others. It also provides opportunities for collaborative efforts to develop and implement innovative models of preparation.

The Compact’s initiatives are grounded in a commitment to social justice and equity. In particular, the Incentive Grant (IG) program provides funding to institutions of higher education in the state to design/develop preparation models that are based on inclusive pedagogy and incorporate authentic partnerships with PK12 partners.

If we are to coalesce a national narrative it’s absolutely a moral imperative for PreK-12 and higher ed to see themselves as one continuum of services meeting the needs of all learners. The Ohio Deans Compact is a phenomenal example of what can be done when PreK-12 and higher ed work together.”

Rod Lucero, Ph.D., Vice President for Member Engagement and Support, AACTE

P20 Partnerships cartoonCompact members and representatives from Compact-funded IGs meet quarterly to engage in shared learning opportunities, participate in community of practice or committee work, identify challenges, and celebrate accomplishments. Partnerships with key national groups – such as the federally funded CEEDAR Center (University of Florida) and the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE) – have helped to leverage change in Ohio while, at the same time, allowing Ohio representatives to gain a deeper understanding of issues and improvement opportunities affecting educator preparation.

The Compact operates with support from the Ohio Department of Education, and the involvement of both ODE and the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) as part of a core team that plans and guides the work.

For more information about the Ohio Deans Compact, explore our website, follow us on Twitter at @OH_DeansCompact, or contact Deborah Telfer, Ph.D., Director, at 614.456.9855 or via email at

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