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Compact’s Low Incidence Sensory Disability (LISD) Collaborative Addresses Personnel Needs

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 The Compact’s scope of work includes:

  • Developing parameters for and managing a request for application process to award grants to Ohio institutions of higher education (IHE) to redesign and restructure teacher preparation and education leadership programs, develop meaningful partnerships with P-12 schools, and increase capacity to provide high-quality education to  underserved students in low-resourced areas of the state.
  • Monitoring and supporting the work of IHEs that receive one or more Compact incentive grants
  • Facilitating a community of practice (CoP) to promote shared learning among IHEs representatives engaged in implementation of Compact-awarded incentive grants
  • Planning and carrying out an annual statewide conference and four quarterly meetings per year
  • Supporting focused work on education preparation initiatives through the Compact standing committees
  • Establishing ad hoc working groups to address issues identified by or of concern to members
  • Supporting the work of the Low Incidence Sensory Disability Collaborative to develop a collaborative model of preparation in the area of intervention specialist: visual impairment
  • Arranging for national and state content experts to inform Compact deliberations and decision making
  • Addressing the quality, quantity, and need for personnel, particularly personnel to teach and provide support to children with disabilities and learning difficulties in Ohio
  • Making recommendations related to Ohio’s educator licensure system
  • Conducting reviews of relevant research and literature to inform the state’s educational decision-making
  • Identifying ways to evaluate various aspects of the Compact’s work

~ Ohio Deans Compact ~

Improving the capacity of teacher education, educational leadership, and related services personnel preparation programs in Ohio to better prepare educators to effectively teach and support every child through collaborative inquiry, meaningful partnership, and collective action.