The Ohio Deans Compact awards incentive grants through a competitive request for application (RFA) process open to Ohio institutions of higher education. With the aim of better preparing educators to more effectively improve results for learners with diverse needs, two incentive grant priority areas call for the innovative redesign of educator preparation programs: Priority 1 focuses on merged/blended teacher preparation program development; and 2) Priority 2 involves educational leadership preparation redesign.

In 2013, an initial round of grants was awarded under Priority 1 to support the development of dual licensure models of preparation. Two years later, the Compact provided a second round of awards in this priority area, allowing institutions to adopt or adapt one of the dual licensure models developed through the initial round of incentive grant work. Dual licensure models have been designed at the undergraduate and graduate levels to result in candidates who are eligible to receive both a general education content area credential and an intervention specialist credential within already established time frames. 

The work of institutions funded in 2015 through Priority 2 involves the incorporation of course content related to collaborative and inclusive practices in educational leadership preparation programs, or the overhaul of an administrator preparation program to foster inclusive instructional leadership practice within the credit-hour constraints of the current traditional program.

More information about the institutions engaged in Priority 1 & 2 Incentive Grant efforts appears below.

Steve Kroeger's Comic Strip About Developing a Dual Licensure Program: It's No Joke!

Priority #1

Merged/Blended Program Development

2015 Incentive Grant Projects

Marietta College
Title: Marietta College Integrated Preparation Program (iP2)
Dottie Erb, Principal Investigator

Ohio Dominican University
Title: Creating a Cohesive Middle Childhood and Intervention Specialist Licensure Path
Kate Fishley, Principal Investigator

Ohio University
Title: Blended Master’s Program: Early Childhood Education & Early Childhood Special Education at Ohio University
Jennifer Ottley, Principal Investigator

University of Rio Grande
Title: Building Bridges: Connecting Early Childhood and Intervention Preparation Program
Monica Hummons, Principal Investigator

Shawnee State University
Title: Teachers For All Students (TEFAS): Blended EC and SE Program Development
Beverly Ochieng-Sande, Principal Investigator

Youngstown State University
Title: Youngstown State University Blended Program ECE/ECIS/TESOL
Crystal Ratican, Principal Investigator 

2013 Incentive Grant Projects

University of Akron
Title: University of Akron Integrative Teacher Preparation Model (UA-ITPM)
Bridgie Ford, Principal Investigator 

University of Cincinnati
Title: Addressing the Needs of Every Student: An Evidence-Based Model for Inclusive and Special Education Teacher Preparation
Emilie Camp, Principal Investigator 

University of Dayton
Title: Improving the Capacity of Ohio Institutions of Higher Education to Prepare All Educators to Meet the Needs of All Learners
Connie Bowman, Principal Investigator 

Kent State University
Title: Project ASTUTE – Improving Education for All Students Through Unified Teacher Education
Andrew Wiley, Principal Investigator

Xavier University
Title: Development of Early Childhood Intervention Specialist/Early Childhood Licensure Program with Montessori Early Childhood Credentials
Kathy Winterman, Principal Investigator

Priority #2

Educational Leadership Preparation Redesign

University of Cincinnati
Title: An Inclusive Leadership Model: University of Cincinnati’s Enhancement of Special Education Competency for Educational Leaders
Carlee Simon, Principal Investigator

Malone University
Title:  Educational Leadership Meeting the Individual Needs of Diverse Students (ELMINDS)
Roger Morris, Principal Investigator

Ohio Dominican University
Ohio Dominican University Educational Leadership
Ted Zigler, Principal Investigator