Creating and strengthening inclusive models of educator preparation programs

Exploring and incentivizing innovative practices

Collaborative Inquiry, Communication & Collective Action
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Improving Educator Capacity
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Developing collaborative partnerships across the P20 continuum

Identifying and responding to critical personnel needs

Exploring and Incentivising Innovative Practices

Fostering a culture of innovation helps to promote new ideas and to rethink ways to address current barriers to higher levels of learning. As a way to explore and incentivize promising practices to redesign educator preparation programs, the Ohio Deans Compact awards grants through the Incentive Grant (IG) Program. Using a competitive request for application (RFA) process, Ohio institutions of higher education can apply for funding to redesign their educator preparation programs.

Identifying and Responding to Critical Personnel Needs of Those Working With Students

Ensuring educators are equipped with the right knowledge, skills, and dispositions to support all learners is essential. The reality is that there is a longstanding gap in the availability of qualified providers to teach and support learners, particularly those with low incidence sensory disabilities. The gap is even more prevalent in hard-to-staff regions of the state. Unfortunately, these personnel shortages can limit opportunities for learning. To explore ways to address these critical needs, the Ohio Deans Compact has identified a funding priority area focused on preparation and personnel development in sensory impairment and established the Low Incidence Sensory Disability (LISD) Collaborative.

Developing Collaborative Partnerships Across the P20 Continuum

The work to improve and strengthen Ohio’s system of educator preparation and personnel development cannot be done alone—it takes partners from across the state and country that span the P20 continuum. Over the years, the Ohio Deans Compact has served as a connector and convenor across higher education, PK12 districts and schools, professional associations, and regional and state agencies. As a result, we have fostered a diverse community that believes that when we work together, we bring new ideas and perspectives that benefit our collective thinking, practices, and work. Embracing a culture of collaboration and developing strategic partnerships have been the foundation of our work, growth, and impact.