June 2022


Dr. Tyrone C. HowardTyrone C. Howard, PhD.

Tyrone C. Howard is a professor of education at UCLA in the Urban Schooling Division of the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies. He is also the director of Center X, a consortium of urban school professionals working toward social justice and educational equity in transforming Los Angeles schools. In addition, he is the director and founder of the Black Male Institute at UCLA, an interdisciplinary cadre of scholars, practitioners, community members, and policymakers dedicated to improving the educational experiences and life chances of Black males. Professor Howard’s research is concerned primarily with academic achievement of youth in urban schools. His work has centered on the achievement gap facing African American and other culturally diverse students, and the importance of providing teachers the skills and knowledge to assist them in reversing persistent underachievement. Before entering higher education, Dr. Howard was a classroom teacher in the Compton Unified School District. A native of Compton, California, Dr. Howard is one of the foremost experts on race, culture, teaching, and learning in urban schools. His book Race, Culture, and the Achievement Gap is a Teachers College Press bestseller that examines the roles that race and culture play in educational outcomes. Professor Howard has been a frequent contributor on National Public Radio and is also a contributor to The New York Times Educational Issues Forum. Dr. Howard has published more than 50 peer review journal articles, book chapters, and technical reports. In 2007 he was awarded an Early Career Award by the American Educational Research Association (AERA). Dr. Howard was voted president-elect of the AERA and joins the AERA Council in 2022–2023 as president-elect. His presidency begins at the conclusion of the association’s 2023 annual meeting.

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June 2023

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March 2023

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