Q: Please clarify who is qualified to serve as an evaluator. RFP states they must be "external". Does that mean external to the institution or can they be someone within the institution but external to the department?

A:The Compact requires incentive grant applicants to incorporate an external evaluation as part of the restructuring/redesign process. External means external to the department involved in the restructuring efforts so that objective feedback by a credible and independent third party evaluator can be used to identify issues to be addressed and make needed improvements and refinements throughout the restructuring effort. The Compact suggests budgeting 10-12% of the award amount to support the external evaluation.

Q: How can I gain access to previous grants awarded for priority one?

A:The list of grantees is provided on the Ohio Deans Compact website. Please go to http://www.ohiodeanscompact.org/ and go to the purple box titled Our Work. Click on Incentivizing Innovative Practices to access dual licensure model incentive grant contact information, and on Developing Partnerships to access simultaneous renewal incentive grant contact information.